Friday, June 2, 2017

Blog Review ~ Bearly Restrained by Paige Connors

Bearly Restrained (Dunn Playing Book 1)
 Paige Connors

What's an antisocial bear shifter to do when he meets his perfect mate? Kidnap her of course. 

Meigs wakes up in the bedroom of a cabin straight out of her dreams, the only problem? She has no clue how she got there. 

Jaxon is a bounty hunting bear who only interacts with his family. Meigs is a personal assistant who only talks to the authors she works for 

Can these two people who hate everyone else learn to love each other? Or did fate make a mistake? 

**Warning Contains a hot shifter who likes rope and sex, lots of sex. Not suitable for readers under 18**

4.5 Claws
Meigs and Jax are definitely made for each other. They ease into their relationship like it's been imbedded in them, which being mates it has. And who doesn't want to be kidnapped by a sexy bearded bear god!
There is a lot of fast pace, and it made reading fun. Meeting the family, was one of the best introduction of side characters I've seen in a while. In true Paige Conners fashion, now I want to see all of the brothers have books of their own! 

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