Friday, June 2, 2017

Blog Review ~ Blinded (Breaking Free Book 1) by Maya Hughes

Blinded (Breaking Free Book 1) by Maya Hughes

When Alex left Gabe, he knew she walked away with his heart, he didn't know she'd walked away with more than that--his baby.

Alex fell for Gabe Stevens before he opened his mouth. His striking green eyes and easy style had her tripping over her coffee pot the minute she laid eyes on him. But he was more than just a pretty face. Her good-looking customer just happened to be a rising movie star on the fast track to fame.

A whirlwind romance sweeps Alex off her feet, eventually taking them to LA where everything falls apart. When she thinks he wants nothing to do with her she leaves, finding herself on her own... and pregnant.

Once he discovers the truth he'll do everything it takes to win her back and make a life with her and their new daughter. But it's not always easy to get a second chance with love, and some wounds are hard to heal.

This standalone romance is the first in a series and guarantees an HEA.

Blinded by Maya Hughes was a steady paced book that had my attention throughout. Even when I was yelling in my head at the characters for being so stubborn. These two Alex and Gabe were great together, but when something doesn't go right, they don't communicate which drove me nuts. If they would have just communicated maybe some of the drama would not have happened. Of course there was an outside source causing more problems but at least they found each other again and did it for the right reasons.  
4 stars

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