Friday, June 2, 2017

Blog Review ~ MONDAY: Tall, Dark & Aromatic (Hookup Café Book 1) by Fifi Flowers

MONDAY: Tall, Dark & Aromatic
Fifi Flowers

When I started Poetry Night on Mondays at my café, Cafélicious, I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would find myself listening to panty-dropping words about me read by a Tall, Dark & Aromatic poet... meet Basil!

"I was certain that no one had ever enchanted me like Basil--he was one of a kind--and he scared me a little. And I didn't know if I was ready to be pollinated." 

This is the first in a series of steamy standalone romantic comedy novellas that all take place at Cafélicious, other known as the Hookup Café. All the books are FREE! in Kindle Unlimited.
MEET all of THE COUPLES at Cafélicious...
Basil and Pansie, MONDAY, book 1 
Marzi and Avery, TUESDAY, book 2
Nate and Evie, WEDNESDAY, book 3
Deacon and Saylor, THURSDAY, book 4
Mason and Vivienne, FRIDAY, book 5
Vin and Darla, SATURDAY, book 6

AMAZON ~ FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Such a quick read! This was definitely a insta-love story; Pansie sees Basil come into her coffee shop Cafélicious! the first time and she can't stop thinking of him. It was a mutual feeling with Basil since he was leaving her notes of poetry on his napkins.

I felt the story was good but at some times rushed. It felt the passage of time was just a week or so before they were saying I love you to each other and moving in. But with all the poetry that Basil was saying to Pansie she couldn't help but to fall so hard for him. 

4 Stars

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