Friday, August 11, 2017

Blog Review ~ Chaos by Brittany Crowley

Chaos (Bound by Cage Book 3) 

 by Brittany Crowley

Rules of Play for Bagging and Banging 
1. No clingers 
2. No repeats
3. No innocents
4. No complications

Should be easy right? So why the f*** am I looking at the cult babe like a starving man and she's a succulent prime rib?

Georgie's everything I've ever avoided, all wrapped up in a sexy little package that plays havoc with my di... er, boyish ways. She's innocent and clearly needs help, she's always around and god help me, just the thought of dirtying her good girl image has Little Jay at full salute. 

But I can't stay away, even when I have to run to her rescue and bring out the chaos. Guess I've been whipped like my brothers, but in my case, I make it look good.

If Jayden's going down... for the first time it'll be in the name of love

I have read this whole series and I have loved every one of them, but Jayden has always made me laugh more than the others with his antics. I could never figure out how he is a teacher with his mouth and thoughts. LOL But you add in sweet little Georgie and Jay is snagged right along with his brothers. It was so much fun to read him falling in love. The bad boy fell hard!
4 Stars

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