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Coming For You
by Alyson Reynolds

Genre: New Adult / Coming of Age / Contemporary Romance

One doctor. One journalist. And one hell of a story that's going to rip his world apart. Zane Turner, watch out. She's coming for you.

Dillon Hart is determined to have it all. She's worked her ass off as a reporter to get to where she is today, and when she stumbles onto the story of a lifetime, she'll do anything for the chance to write it. It's one hell of a story that's going to rip Zane's world apart.

Zane Turner has it all. He's a wildly successful doctor whose reputation precedes him. Why wouldn't it, he is hot as hell, and knows how to get any woman he wants, except maybe Dillon.

Dillon never expected to be attracted to someone she was investigating. She knew of his reputation before she even started, but when they came face to face, he was more charming and charismatic than she ever thought possible. Now she's faced with an impossible dilemma - help the man she's falling for or do what's best for her career.

Just because you had a few past bad relationships doesn't mean that when the right person comes along, the fight is totally worth the effort. Fate brought Dillon an Zane into each other's orbit when the time was right. This story morphed from an investigation of facts to an epic love story that had stops and starts but endured til the end. The characters jumped out of the pages to provide a video reel of the story as it unfolded; attraction, connections, friendships and support of one another and love. 

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