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ONE SHAMELESS NIGHT (West Sisters #2) by AM Hargrove Release Date: September 5th Photographe: Eric David Battershell Model: Parker Ramsay
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Blurb: The first time I saw Alessandro, two things came to mind. Sexy and naked. You get the idea.
Thanks to him, my flight from hell became the best one I’d ever been on. Turned out, the engaging, gorgeous passenger, was my new professor…and the ultimate jerk.
Rude, prick, cocksucker, were a few choice names I’d love to call him. How was this offensive man the same human I’d met on the plane?
His soul must’ve been invaded by demons after leaving the airport. To think I’d almost joined the mile high club with him. Almost. Everywhere I went he was there raining more insults on me.
Until I saw him with his adorable mini look-alike. That charming little boy melted my heart. Before I knew it, I’d accepted his son’s invitation to play soccer.
What the hell was I thinking? I hated that man.
But naked and sexy had gotten me into this mess. And not even hate could get me out.
About the Author: One day, on her way home from work as a sales manager, USA Today bestselling author, A. M. Hargrove, realized her life was on fast forward and if she didn't do something soon, it would be too late to write that work of fiction she had been dreaming of her whole life. So she made a quick decision to quit her job and reinvented herself as a Naughty and Nice Romance Author.
Reader, Writer, #WalterThePuppy Owner, Dark Chocolate Lover, Ice Cream Worshipper, Vodka Aficionado, Coffee Drinker, she believes coffee and ice cream should be added as part of the USDA food groups.

Would it be wrong of me to want to slap this sexy single daddy up the head? He was such a jerk to Piper. But Piper being such a feisty woman, she didn't take it laying down. Yes she may have ran the opposite direction, but when all the truths come out, t=neither could deny the sparks flying between them. But don't expect just a typical love story...there is twist and turns to be taken first.  


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