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Release Blast: The Nanny and the Nerd by Krista Sandor

  The Nanny and the Nerd by Krista Sandor is now live! Three things NOT to do when nannying for a video gaming mogul (aka the hottest nerd on the planet): #1 Do not get lost in his dreamy green eyes. #2 Do not salivate over his rock-hard abs. #3 No matter what happens, do not fall for his super-nerdy dirty talk! Penny Fennimore is not winning at life. An aspiring writer with a monster-sized case of writer's block, she's got bills to pay and barely a dime to her name. Enter the exclusive Nanny Match Agency and an opportunity to make bank. The job: A cushy, live-in nanny position caring for tech billionaire Rowen Gale's six-year-old niece. The problem? Her hot nerd of a boss! They're opposites in every way. He's the king of hi-tech, and she uses a flip phone from 2002. She's not even sure he's 100% human. With his muted expression, the man might as well be one of the robots from his video games until their eyes meet, and the attraction meter exp

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