Friday, June 2, 2017

Blog Review ~ The Final Victory by M. Eror

The Final Victory
M. Eror

My name is Kristina.

My past is violent and dark, complex and complicated. I wasn't living, I was struggling to survive. And years passed before I finally mustered the courage to say out loud: "I am a victim."

I found salvation from violence on a family farm. And my chaotic life finally steered toward normality.

I didn't look for love, but it found me nonetheless. One look at Viktor – a beautiful man with a magical voice – was enough to sway my world.
And beside him, I finally started to live...

Really great book! This dark romance is funny, witty and captivating. The characters are well written and funny and the banter keeps the story moving along really great. This book does have some triggers about abuse but it really is about moving on and healing and surviving. Great book!
4 Stars

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