Friday, June 2, 2017

Blog Review ~ Undercover Intentions by Sapphire Knight

Undercover Intentions by Sapphire Knight


Not everyone born of Mafiya blood wants to be in the life. 
I was determined to never go anywhere near it. Headed in the 
opposite direction, I pushed away from my family and their legacy. 

Until they needed me. 
And did she. 

I got sucked in too deep, going after her and trying to save them all. 
Now, there's no turning back. I'd do anything for my cousins, for Sasha. 
After all, family is everything. 

Complete standalone, HEA, NO cheating

I love Beau. He's so intriguing, that I just wanted the story to keep going.
I really enjoyed watching Sasha's growth. Going from her past to the ending of the book was a world of difference, yet it never felt rushed or forced.
I loved how Beau treated Sasha, like she wasn't a possession, yet at the same time he wanted to claim her for his own. I could feel his emotional turmoil throughout the whole book.
Their love story is definitely different than most, as is this book from any of Sapphire Knight's other Mafiya series.
I would highly recommend this book, and I'd read it again in a heartbeat!

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