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Blog Tour ~ Dark Confusion by J. Thompson


Blog Tour

Dark Confusion

by J. Thompson

Publication date: 2nd June 2017

Genre: Paranormal Romance



He had failed. Callum was one of the best warriors the enforcers had in their ranks, only he felt like a failure. He had failed to protect the one thing that was more important than his own life. She had been taken from him and now he couldn’t find her, and he feared the worst. But he wouldn’t give up, not when his heart told him she was still alive. He would never give up until he found her, no matter how lost she may seem.
Helena was lost. Lost to her own mind and to her soul. Since that fateful night she has felt torn, split in half, searching for a way out and the one thing that will complete her and make her feel whole again. Her only problem: she doesn’t know what is real or a figment of her imagination. Memories and deep, dark fantasies have merged, making her existence seem like a cruel joke. Can Helena fight the demons within herself? Can she free herself from the prison that is her mind?


Mercy: an expensive luxury “Dammit, get the fucking defibrillator!” the doctor bellowed out in rage as the monitors screamed out a warning that the vitals had flat-lined. “I want her alive,” he yelled out again, his face purple with rage and stress as he started CPR. His meaty hands pressed against the chest of the woman who lay prone on the exam table, her body fully exposed to all as he started a quick rhythm of compressions in the desperate bid to restart the female’s heart. The female, or Subject 12, as the doc had named her, had lasted a lot longer than he had originally expected. When they had first picked her up, he had been convinced she was just another normal human female - until they had started the testing. She had been able to withstand high amounts of pain and had shown accelerated healing. He had also found that - when she had been in the testing room - any males in her vicinity had become affected by her presence. Either she had bewitched his men or she gave off some sort of pheromone, similar to that of a wolf when ready to mate. This had been the first breakthrough since they had acquired her. She was clearly non-human, but what she actually was, was still unknown. He felt desperate to know how she had come to be in London. He had also become obsessed with Subject 12, but had managed to hide it from the others. As far as they were concerned, he enjoyed inflicting pain upon the creature. He did - to an extent - but he also craved being in her presence. His mistake now had been pushing her to the limit, even though her body had long ago stopped healing. Her once flawless skin and body now held reminders of all the damage he had personally inflicted. The last bout of electrotherapy had caused her to suffer a bleed on the brain. A grand mal seizure swiftly followed which, in turn, sent her into cardiac failure. He now battled to keep her heart pumping - to keep her alive. He already missed her unusual pale blue eyes - a feeling he had noticed immediately when she had failed to respond - that and the sparkle and fire that accompanied those orbs. He enjoyed riling her up and watching them burn. But now her eyes were closed, her skin held a blue tinge as her body slowly shut down. The doc started to panic. “Breathe, you bitch. Breathe!” he growled out as he continued the compressions, her body twitching with every brutal shove downwards on her chest. It pissed him off more that the other men in the room did nothing to help. Even though he had shouted to have the defibrillator brought to him, they had not moved. All they did was watch. His arms were getting tired but he wouldn’t give up. There was so much he didn’t know about this stunning creature; death would not stop his research. His thoughts drifted to the progress he could still make if he was not able to revive her. Her corpse may just offer the answers he needed and craved. Could he dissect her body, though? A sudden single beep brought him out of his musings. He eyed the heart rate monitor and watched as a single blip fired, then another. With a grin, he stopped the compressions and grabbed another syringe, quickly injecting the adrenaline into her body. He felt the needle slide into her sternum as he plunged it directly into her heart. Her skin slowly returned to its pale pink tone and her chest moved, although, he would have missed it if he hadn’t have been watching her so closely. The doc wiped a clammy hand down his sweat-drenched face and breathed a sigh of relief. He may be a torturing bastard - her words - but he had dreaded stripping her body. This creature - as demonic as his faith implied her to be - was far too beautiful to die. He knew he was contradicting himself, his own beliefs told him that something like this creature shouldn’t even exist and was the work of the devil. But he had always been a bit of a rebel. The doc, after one long, slow perusal of the creature’s body, pulled a sheet to cover her. Yes, he may torture her, mutilate her body just to watch it heal, but it was for scientific purposes and would change the course of human evolution. “She back with us then, Doc?” one of the men called out, edging closer to the exam table; another male that had become more than a little fond of Subject 12. The doc nodded in response as he touched her newly shaven head. He remembered fondly her long raven hair that would cascade over the edge of the table. That first time he had brought her in, it had swept across the floor. No matter how many times they had cut her hair, it had always grown back, although it would now take a while for it to return to its previous splendour. He put that down to the same issue that was stopping her from healing. She had responded well to the drugs they had given her, and even better was her reaction to a liquid form of Viagra they had introduced. The doc had never in his life seen a woman react like that, even in the throes of passion. It was a vision he would never forget and had kept him company on many a lonely night. “She is back. We will need to be vigilant next time, we were lu-” His words were cut short as the doors to the exam room were thrown open, the force so great it took them clean off the hinges. Five males - all taller than the doc’s own guards - stalked in, each holding a weapon. The doc blinked - was that a sword? His guards looked sluggish and unskilled as the males walked into the room, one large male heading straight towards his new position - knelt behind the exam table. The doc’s own heart was ready to stop as the tip of a sword was placed at his throat. “Stand.” The male's voice was low and laced with anger as the doc stood on trembling legs. He pushed the doc backwards until his back hit the counter. The doc focused on the male until he heard a loud growl. Another male, just as large and heavily armed, had stopped by Subject 12’s table. The male's eyes roamed over her covered form and forced a jealous response from the doc. “Don’t touch her!” he shouted out, only to have his words cut as the blade pressed harder into his jugular, the skin easily pierced by the blade. The doc felt a small trickle of his blood slide down his throat. The other male ignored the doc as he bent his head to that of Subject 12’s. His whispered words - still loud enough for the doc to hear - shocked him. They were here for her. “Helena, my love.” The male stroked her cheek and then ran a hand over her shaved head. A look of mortification flickered across his face before he schooled his features. His gaze moved back to stare at her unconscious face with a look of adoration before he lifted the sheet to examine her naked form and the damage the doc had wrought. The doc felt like hours had passed before he was finally pinned with a look filled with so much hate, the doc’s heart missed a beat and a feeling of dread swept through his body. “Did you do this?” the male ground out as he took a step closer, his hands flexed and his eyes blazing, their colour mesmerising. “Did you?” he asked again, and the doc could do nothing with the sword at his throat but nod. “You will fucking die for what you have done, you and those that serve you!” Another male stepped forward and stopped the large, angry male from advancing. The doc had a moment of relief before the sword edge was replaced by a large hand that gripped his throat and slowly tightened. “Callum, stop, we will deal with this, with all of it. Your bonded needs you.” The male dragged his gaze from that of the doc’s and stared at the male that had stopped him before he looked back at Subject 12. Acceptance on his face, he nodded. “You will do this for me, Sebastian? You will make this right?” “Yes, I swear it.” The second male, right hand clenched into a fist, pressed it to his heart and nodded. A bond; a promise. The male nodded and turned back to the female. The doc knew there and then that he had been dismissed from the male’s thoughts instantly; a forgotten memory. The male walked to the table. He took a small blade from a belt that criss-crossed across his torso and swept the edge over his lower lip. The blood instantly bloomed and dripped down his chin. He then bent and pressed his lips to that of the female, forcing them open slightly. The doc watched, stunned as Subject 12 responded instantly; her arms winding around the neck of the male. Without breaking contact, the male collected her - sheet and all - into his arms, forcing his lips away so he could navigate the room. The doc looked his last at the female before she was carried out of the exam room, and out of his life. The doc - so engrossed on the response of Subject 12 - missed the movement of the other four males until he stood surrounded. Not one looked capable of giving any mercy. It was then he knew - knew for sure - that this was his end. The words of Subject 12 ran through his mind. She had been right all along. He would die and he would not receive one ounce of mercy.

About J Thompson

J. Thompson is a freelance writer of fantasy fiction and paranormal romance. Jenn has always loved history, so using her wild imagination and tying in her love of history and fantasy, she started writing. With her debut novel, Soulkiss, along with a few other titles now available, Jenn has her sights set on producing some more mythical inspired novels, along with a future series based on some hard-assed demons. She has many hobbies which include jewellery making, cross stitch and paper crafts, but also works out with her husband at their local gym. As well as this, they both attend Caveman training.

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