Friday, July 7, 2017

Blog Review ~ Seven: A Club Alias Novel by KD Robichaux

Seven: A Club Alias Novel
by Kd Robichaux

Seth Owens, co-owner of Club Alias, has always taken full-advantage of the endless supply of willing submissives who frequent his high-end establishment. But he’s never trusted anyone enough to let them get to know the man beneath the leather mask.

Twyla Quill has always been the good girl, the responsible one, which has left her no time to indulge in the many pleasures of life—much less a relationship.

When Twyla finally convinces her sister to leave her abusive boyfriend, they have no choice but to move across the country and hide out, away from the monster determined to get her sister back. With their savings quickly running out, Twyla takes a position at the local sex shop—where she meets Seth, a man who is all too willing to show her what she's been missing out on. 

What happens when the witty Dom meets the sweet new girl in town? Sparks fly and a whirlwind romance neither ever saw coming begins. But will Seth be able to protect the woman he considers his?

Seven is a standalone novel. You can meet him in The Confession Duet.

4 Stars
I didn't know what to expect when I grabbed up this book. This was the first time I had read this author and I wasn't sure about her writing style but I love bdsm/sex club stories so I took a chance. I am so happy I did. Twyla and Seth (Seven) are 2 completely different people who found each other in a sex store of all places. But the instant chemistry between the 2 was so strong I couldn't put the book down. I wanted to see how it ended for the 2. And I am so glad I took this chance on this author since the story grabbed my attention and didn't let go. With just enough suspense, sexy times and sweetness to round it all out.

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