Friday, August 11, 2017

Blog Review ~ Forever Hearts by CJ Martin

Forever Hearts by CJ Martin

Best friends aren’t meant to fall in love with each other…

From the time I was five, Jesse Collins was my world. He was my partner in crime. My best friend. My confidant.

We were inseparable. Soul mates. Forever hearts. But all that changed when he took on a new role. Lover.

He told me to trust. To have faith. To believe in our love.

And I did.

But we all eat lies when the heart is hungry. And mine was damn hungry for Jesse Collins. I couldn't stop myself from falling for him, even if I wanted to.

This is our story. The good. The bad. The heartbreaking.

But in the end, will the thread that binds us together be strong enough to weather the storm?
I used to think so, but now I’m not quite as sure…

Forever Hearts is a friends to lovers new adult romance. If you like sexy and sweet, hot and handsome, mixed with a whole lot of spice, then you’ll love this steamy romance by best-selling author CJ Martín. 

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I am completely blown away by this book. I absolutely adore best friends to lovers books, yet this is so much more than that.
Jesse & Riley have been best friends since they first become neighbours at the age of 5. They are inseparable until the day they both move away to different colleges. What Riley doesn't know is that the ever popular Jesse struggles to hide his true feelings for her.
This book is staged over many years, and both Riley & Jesse go through many ups and downs throughout their lives. Together and separate.
Their story, at times, is quite heartbreaking. But it is also very realistically told, that by the end of the book, it felt like I was reading about people I actually knew.
Beautifully written story, that certainly had me devouring page after page. Loved every word.
5 Stars

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