Friday, August 11, 2017

Blog Review ~ LaClaire Touch: An After Hours Novel by Dori Lavelle

 LaClaire Touch: An After Hours Novel 
by Dori Lavelle

When a man pays for my body, I shut off my emotions, close my eyes, and force myself to push through. No thinking. No feeling. No breaking apart. 

Soon the debts will be paid. Soon I'll scrub their cologne and sweat from my skin and walk away from this business for good, pretending it never happened.

For now, my body is not my own. For now, I belong to any man who can afford me. 

But when Derrick LaClaire asks for a night with me, I turn him away, even when he offers to pay triple what I earn per hour. I need his cash, but if I let him touch me, I know I'll break every single one of my rules. And he'll discover who I really am.

LaClaire Touch is a steamy full-length, standalone novel with a happy ending.

This is the first book by this author that I have read, and I enjoyed reading immensely. The second of the After Hours Novels, follows Brooke and Derrick six years after high school. Brooke trying to stay head of her debts works in a brothel, meets Derrick by chance as her customer. Can they get past the pain and the secrets of their past to move forward to their future. I very much enjoyed this book, and will be reading the first book as well.
5 Stars

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