Wednesday, May 20, 2015

*Countdown* Rocking Danni by Kacey Hamford

One week until Rocking Danni is released!!! Who has their copy? Go and pre order it now!!!

Once the door was shut, Josh locked it and pocketed his keys. 
“Why are you locking it?” I asked. I was feeling nervous. 
“Because we are not going anywhere.” 
“I have work in a few hours.” I told him. 
“Not tonight, phone in sick.” He demanded pushing my phone at me. When did he pick that up? 
“Do it, NOW!” My hands were shaking so much that I dropped the phone, I bent down to pick it up and Josh grabbed me by my hair and yanked me to my feet. I cried out as it felt like he had ripped chunks of it out. We were standing face to face and I could feel my whole body shaking. “Ring work.” I nodded and he let go of my hair.

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