Monday, March 13, 2017

Blog Review ~ Drake (The Powers That Be Book 5) by Harper Bentley

Drake (The Powers That Be Book 5) 
by Harper Bentley

Drake Powers had to be the most infuriating piece of work I’d met in my entire life. Never mind his gorgeous face, body, and tattoos. That was beside the point. The things that came out of the cocky bastard’s mouth—directed toward me, of course—had my own mouth falling open in shock.

His controlling, bad-boy demeanor should’ve had me running in the other direction. 
But there was something behind that dominant presence of his. 

Something guarded.

And I had to find out what it was.

I knew it was probably in my best interest to stay away.

But when was I ever one to listen?

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I was excited to find out there was going to be another book by Harper Bentley! I've enjoyed all of the Powers series so far and was hoping for the same thing from Drake.

I haven't had a guy give me so much whiplash like Drake did: he was so back and forth that I was surprised that Honor even stuck around. Thankfully in my opinion he redeemed himself as to why he was acting the way he did. Even if I wanted to throats punch him a couple of times. I really liked Honor; she was written perfectly. With all that happened in this book it was a quick read and I enjoyed it.

I hope that the author continues the series with the rest of the guys who are left. I know I'll keep an eye out for what the author has coming up next. 

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