Book Review: Finding Laila by T.K. Rapp


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At the young age of 5, Laila has to move from her family home to a new home because her dad got a new job. She meets the Cedar Lane boys and her life is changed. 

By senior year Laila is best friends with all 4 boys: Haden, Cole, Braxton & Joey. Unfortunately because of her close relationship with these guys it causes issues for her and her fellow classmates by them being rude and talking "trash" toward Laila. Thankfully Laila is strong with some sass (which is always refreshing in a female character) and she handles herself just fine. Laila finds out that one of the boys has a crush on her for the past 4 years. She decides to give him a chance. (I can't tell you who it needs to be a surprise!)

When she turns 18 she finds out some shocking news. Laila has to learn how to deal with this change in her life; she ends up having to deal with several situations that come with growing up and being an adult but she handles them well. 

I seriously loved this story; it was cute, funny and not what I was expecting. It made me cry but in a good way and some times not ... This story pulls in you and makes you connect with the characters. Definitely worth reading!


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