Rue Toulouse by Debby Grahl

Review - Rue Toulouse by Debby Grahl


This was a good story and I enjoyed reading it. It had mystery, suspense, laughter and love. 

The beginning starts with the death of Catherine's parents at a young age and her going to live with her wealthy grandmother Dauphine Doucette and her aunts, uncles and cousins. 

Fast forwarding to the present where Catherine is now an adult and works at her grandmother's shop where they design clothes in the Quarter. 

One evening Catherine attends her best friend Elaine and husband Paul's masquerade party dressed like an 'ice princess' and meets the stranger she spoke to from earlier in the day who introduces himself by the name of Jean Lafitte; a known pirate. He asks her to dance and she is surprised by the spark that is between them. 

The pirate's real name is Remi; he leads Catherine outside and tells her he has to do something that he has wanted to do since he first laid eyes on her; he kisses her (swoon worthy!). The ever proper Catherine decides she will take things further and leads her pirate into the garden. 

Their love story continues on from there with some twists and turns along the way ... 


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