Release Blast with Reviews - DIRTY FLIRTY ENEMY by Piper Rayne

He’s the arrogant Manhattan realtor with billboards advertising his six-pack more than his expertise in negotiations.

I’m the competing broker who stupidly moved across the hall from his office.

From day one, I’ve been his sworn enemy. Okay, so I might have accidentally stolen one of his clients. Well, is it stealing if the client comes to me?

Even our vicious banter and loathing gazes can’t hide the chemistry between us. Who can blame me? He has enough charisma to make every hot-blooded woman in the city melt with a single word.

Just when I think a mutual respect could be born between us, the biggest developer in the city offers us an opportunity that pits us against each other.

Time to forget Carmelo Mancini’s dreamy eyes and tight abs.

Game on.

"I am a big, big fan of everything Piper Rayne. These two authors just work so very well together. After reading the first book in the White Collar Brothers series - Sexy Filthy Boss - I knew I was going to love Carmelo's story.
Enemies to lovers are one of my favourite tropes, and the way Carmelo and Bella bounce off each other, and eventually come together was so very good to read.
But that teaser at then end about Dom has me both excited and anxious to get my hands on his book. Is it August yet??
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book."

"Rivals in business does not mean that the attraction can't be there. Bella and Carm compete for the same clients but watch what happens when they are pitted against each other while they start to socialize. The attraction is hot, the spark is ready to ignite and once burned can they manage the aftermath? This was a fun story to read not only to witness the hot and cold between Carm and Bella but also getting to see more of the Mancini brother's relations"



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