Tuesday, March 27, 2018

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: Devils & Rye by Alta Hensley

Title: Devils & Rye
Series: Top Shelf #4
Author: Alta Hensley
Genre: Dark Romance Standalone
Release Date: March 27, 2018


Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

It had been years since I had seen her.
Years since I last saw those eyes with pure, raw innocence.
So much time had passed since I lusted after what I knew I should resist.

But she was so right.
And I was so wrong.

To claim her as mine was breaking the rules. Boundaries should not be broken. But temptation weakens my resolve.
With the pull of my dark desires…
I know that I can’t hide from my sinful thoughts—and actions—forever.

*Devils & Rye is a dark billionaire romance. If you don’t like a splash of shock, a dash of taboo, and a heavy dose of sex, then don’t take a sip of this TOP SHELF cocktail.

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Author Bio

Alta Hensley is a USA TODAY bestselling author of hot, dark and dirty romance. She is also an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author. Being a multi-published author in the romance genre, Alta is known for her dark, gritty alpha heroes, sometimes sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission.

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Devils & Rye was a little different from the first three books and I've read them all. This one was a little difficult to get into. Some parts had me turning the page as fast as I could, but others left me scratching my head. The insta-love usually doesn't bother me, but Makayla went from calling him Uncle to wanting him sexually immediately. It felt rushed and a little unnatural, even for a book. Overall, this book was ok. I kept waiting for the story to pick up, but it never happened. I feel each book in this series has steadily fallen in rating since the first book. Books 1 & 2 were great, but 3 & 4 left something out and I'm not quite sure what that is. Give it a try. You may enjoy it.  
This is the first book by this author that I have read. Though the story itself was very good, I felt it moved along to fast and the characters needed more development to them. Also, fact that Makayla and Alec had a "Uncle" "niece" relationship before, after not seeing each other for some time the romantic part between them needed time to develop. I still look forward to reading more of this series, including the books before this one.
I received the ARC in exchange for a honest review.

Another great edition to the series! As much as I enjoyed the story, I felt it was lacking characterization. The plot certainly moved along well and super quick. I think it took away from the detail it needed. Makayla and Alec needed more time to grow. She refers to him as an uncle in the beginning but it quickly evolved into a romance that should have taken time to develop. I also think Alec wasn’t as dominant as he should have been. They exchanged “I love you” way too soon. After all, they haven’t seen each other in a number of years. As much as I enjoy this series, I believe Alta could have done a little better on this one. I’ll be looking forward to the next book! 

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