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Title: Justified Steel
Series: Steel Crew 4 
Author: MJ Fields
Release Date: September 1, 2020
Designed by: Jersey Girl Design
Photographer: Michelle Lancaster
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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"It's raw, it's real & it's a little raunchy & hot as hell!!! Once you read that first chapter I guarantee you won't be able to put it down till you're done!!" - Goodreads review

When offered the keys to the kingdom, I all but pissed on the throne.
I didn’t need the figurative crown to become the king, and I sure as hell didn’t want anything more to do with the little queen.
When the power started to shift and lives were being torn apart, justice needed to be served.
Who better to serve it up … than me?

“Next question: who’s the asshole following me around, telling you what I’m up to when we’re not together?”

She lifts her nose in the air and walks past me.

“Goddammit, this shit’s important,” I snap as she hurries to the door and opens it.

She slips out into the foyer, and I slow the fuck down because, as I just lit into her about showing a united front, I need to do the same, no matter how fucking hard it is.

I catch up to her and grab her paw. She looks at me.

“I wasn’t done with you in there.”

She leans against me, grabs the back of my head, and pulls it down to whisper in my ear, “You.”

I pull back and lock eyes with her. “The asshole following me around is me?”

When I feel her slide her paw into my jeans pocket, I smile for show and ask, “What the fuck are you doing?”

She laughs and says loud enough for those around us to hear, “Oh, my bad, is that not your phone?”

I play along and tell her, “A little to the left.”

She pulls my phone out, turns, and leans against me. “Take a selfie with me?”

I whisper in her ear, “You’re fucking pushing it a bit here, huh?”

“Smile, JT.”

I look up, and she takes a picture. Then she opens up the messenger app and sends it to herself before turning and putting the phone back in my pocket, making a big damn show of it, too. All I can do is stand here, telling my cock not to feed into her bullshit.

I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her tightly against me, hoping to still her little fucking paw. “A little clarification and a little less cock teasing.”

She pulls her paw out of my pocket and reaches up, placing both paws on my neck, and begins running them up and down my neck. “You shared your location with me.”

“The hell I—” I stop and narrow my eyes at her at the realization that she just opened my phone without asking for my password.

“United front, JT. Smile in place and present.” She pops a quick kiss to my cheek then turns and walks away.

I pull my phone out and check my settings. Along with my entire crew, I’m now sharing my location with her.

When I look up at her, she looks over her shoulder, smirking at me.

Well played, Queenie, well played.

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About the Author:
MJ Fields is a USA Today bestselling author of new adult and contemporary romance novels. She lives in New York with her daughter and smoochie faced Newfie, Theo.

When she’s not locked away in the cave, she enjoys spending time with her family, listening to live music, going to the theatre, singing off key, dancing to her own beat, listening to audio books, and reading— of course.

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We always remember our first love. Two kids on a beach pinkies intertwined, made a promise to the sun. Now almost grown Justice and Gabrielle couldn't be father apart. They loathe one another but need each other to survive the hierarchy of high school. Justice and Gabrielle have the bully romance thing going on while Gabrielle meshes with the Steel clan. This story is angsty, sad, sweet and hot. They say there is a fine line between love and hate and both Gabrielle and Justice's actions skate along those lines like a knife. Such a great read.


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