Contingency Plan by Marie James

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Series: Blackbridge Security; Book 3
Genre: Romantic Suspense

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As a former FBI agent, Flynn Coleman was made for his work with Blackbridge Security.

He's highly trained, has a skill set meant for analysis and investigation, and meant to do important things.

Yet, he's chasing a twenty-year-old starlet's daughter around New York City because the spoiled brat never learned how to behave.

Remington Blair doesn't need a babysitter, but her parents insist.

Keeping Flynn Coleman on his toes will be the most fun she's had in a while.

Besides, just hearing him call her name with that accent is enough to keep her running.

This is another great addition to the Blackbridge Security series. Flynn and Remington's story had me hooked right away. Remi gave Flynn a run for his money and I loved her. Flynn and Remi had undeniable chemistry and it was hot. Add in Puff Daddy and you have an all around excellent read. I loved it and definitely recommend!   ~Andrea

Marie James delivers another hit in the Blackbridge Security series, Flynn and Remingtion will light your kindles on fire.

The sexy men of Blackbridge Security are at it again, we get Flynn’s story this go around. He is tasked with protecting a famous Hollywood star’s daughter from making her uninvolved parents reputation in tact. Remington is the 20 yr old heroine that leaves Flynn in knots, their cat and mouse game is making it hard to Flynn to stay professional.

Their story was heartbreaking at times for Remi, at first you think she is just the spoiled rich girl, but we come to realize that she is really just lonely. Living with her uptight mother and stepfather, they see her as more of nuisance than a person. Flynn is finding this might be one of his tougher jobs. Not as much action that we usually get in one of Marie’s books, but getting to catch up with other characters makes for an entertaining read….who doesn’t love Puff Daddy!    ~Stephanie  


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