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TOO MUCH by I.A. Dice
Release Date: September 6th
TOO MUCH by I.A. Dice is NOW LIVE!! 

Grab this all-new, friends-to-lovers, steamy romance TODAY!   

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Blurb: THALIA Only regret the things you haven’t done. Three suitcases and eight-hundred dollars to my name. That’s all I had when I fled my home country and moved half-way across the world to California. Escaping my past is easy when everyone I loved, and everyone I never met, deemed me public enemy number one. Making sure my past stays buried should be easy too. That’s until he comes along. I should stay away, protect my secret, and build my life from the ground up, but... He's not a regret I want to have.   THEO Entitled. Arrogant. Loaded. Equipped. Player. The list goes on. I’ve been labeled since I can remember. I earned most of those labels too. And I regret nothing. Life is too short for regret. I live mine as if it’ll end tomorrow. Until she enters the bar; confident, sensible, and funny in her own special way. Walking, talking, breathing perfection. So why am I holding myself back on a short leash? Good question.   
About the Author: I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a Combined Honours Degree in International Business and Marketing (a bad, bad choice).   I've been a waitress, a teacher, a gardener, an admin junior and a production planner. I attended college courses and never finished some of them.   And then I finally decided to trust my gut and pursue my biggest dream of becoming a writer.   Contemporary romance is my go to genre. I've been writing for over 12 years now.   Things you absolutely don't need to know about me:   - I change my hair color/style at least 9 times a year   - I'm obsessed with house plants   - I'm mildly claustrophobic    


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