Friday, August 11, 2017

Blog Review ~ Adonis in Athens (Romancing Europe Book 1) by Kat Mizera

Adonis in Athens (Romancing Europe Book 1)

by Kat Mizera

Paige Carter's fling with the dark-haired, green-eyed Greek was short, but it blew her mind. Her only regret was not finding out whether she'd ever see him again before he returned to Greece.

Apollo Lakkas earned his degree and was thrilled to return to Greece to begin work with his family's shipping business. His only regret is the way he left the sweet blonde he met in Vegas—who may or may not be his wife.

When an unexpected proposal throws Paige into a panic, she packs a bag for Athens and does the one thing she knows she must do before she can face any kind of future... reconcile her past.

The moment their eyes meet once again, Paige and Apollo feel the same spark that ignited them down the aisle. Will they be able to plan a future together or is their love destined to be nothing but a bittersweet memory?

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Adonis in Athens was a cultural love story that all started in Las Vegas. I enjoyed reading about the scenery and differences in culture all the while reading about the love story happening amongst the pages. Paige didn't realize her wanting adventures would take her clear across the world, and Apollo didn't know the girl he had a spring break fling with would cross his threshold.
This was a sweet, perfect summer read. It was quick paced but still held a punch.  
4 Stars


4 stars
Even though Paige has ties to Las Vegas, this is something completely different than Kat Mizera's other titles. This was fun and flirty with adventure in the mix. I felt as though I was in Greece falling in love with Apollo, just as Paige was.
Their hardships were mine, just as much as their happiness was.
I had a little trouble with some of Paige's reservations, that she or Apollo couldn't come up with simple solutions like her best friend did, on their own.
Overall I enjoyed the book, it was fast paced without being rushed, and detailed but not feeling condescending. 

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