Promo Tour for Fight By J. L. Davis

Title: Fight
Author: J. L. Davis
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Brittany Campbell is a smart, sassy woman with no filter. She has an independent streak a mile long and no man will get in her way. No matter how gorgeous he is.

Nathan Beckham works with Brittany. She can't escape him. His persistence along with his beautiful smile finally wears her down. Brittany decides to give him a chance, even though she knows he has a secret....
One that he doesn't want to share.

Can Brittany and Nathan fight for each other and the possible love that is forming between them with the roller coaster ride that is Nathan's life?

I started reading when the fifty shades phenomenon happened a few years ago. I have read hundreds of books since then and a story playing around in my head for quite a while. I finally got it out and published and I'm so proud of my first baby. It has many flaws, but it was my first. I’ve written four since and with each one I’ve grown. I’m more proud and in love with the characters and their stories. There will be many more to come. I love writing! 


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