Cover & Excerpt Reveal with Giveaway - Legends of Lust: Erotic Myths from around the World by Autumn Bardot

Release Date: January 8, 2019
Cover Design: Allyson Fields


Who knew the ancient world could be so downright… arousing?
Like uncovering a sexy diamond in the rough, Legends of Lust reveals the fiery passions lying dormant behind your favorite mythological stories. This adults-only, debut collection of fourteen steamy, erotic short stories by Autumn Bardot is an explosion of sexy, nasty, and romantic retellings that will take your love of myths to a whole new level. Odysseus, a mere man, becomes a god-like master of the tease in the eyes of the sex-starved and eternally lustful goddess, Calypso. The tale of Amazonian queen, Hippolyta, and Theseus gives “love-at-first-sight” a whole new meaning that will enthrall your senses. The encounter between Vishvamitra and Menaka takes them to explosive new levels of bodily nirvana. And Gilgamesh, the mighty god-king, sends temple prostitute Shamhat to tame a wild man, but instead he teaches her something about man’s most primal instincts… and is not left wanting. Run wild in your personal Elysian Fields of pleasure with this spicy, irreverent peek into the sensual world of our most beloved gods, heroes, fairies, and shape shifters from every corner of the earth.




Ignoring Zeus’s command isn’t an option. At least not a smart one. I head toward the beach knowing just what I’ll find: a melancholy Odysseus staring into the blue distance, his heart aching for the wife and child he has not seen for nearly twenty years. I sigh, my sorrow a breeze wafting through the branches, the leaves trembling for me. With a heavy heart, I stroll down the path shaded by verdant alder, black poplar, and cypress.
As always, Odysseus is sitting on a large rock facing the sea. I take a moment to admire his physique. He is a chiseled hunk of manliness. I will miss throwing my legs over his broad shoulders and watching his biceps flex as he thrusts into me.
I adjust my gown, sheer as a mist and glistening like the dew, and expose my pale pink nipples. “Odysseus.” He turns his head, his aquiline nose and short beard in profile. “My goddess?”
I move his muscled thighs apart and stand between them. “It is time for you to leave.” I slip my hand under his linen loincloth, wrap myfingers around his cock and feel it swell in my hand. “You must build a boat and go home.” I put my mouth on his ear and bite his earlobe, feel him expand even more. “You can build a sturdy boat, can’t you?”
Odysseus pulls away and stays my slow-moving hand with his own. “Is this a trick?”
“Don’t you want to go home?” I run my other hand along his jaw, recall the feel of his beard between my legs. “I do.” Odysseus swallows, looks down as my hand slides up and down his eagerness. “I miss my wife and son. But how can I build a vessel strong enough to withstand the rough s—”
I silence him with my tongue and rub my breast against his bare chest. His body tenses with pleasure as our tongues intertwine. His kisses always inflame me, and the dew of desire moistens my sex. How I will miss this man who can fuck all night and never tire!
Odysseus breaks the kiss and narrows his eyes. “Are you serious? Or is my building a boat to go home some kind of new torment?”
“You dog!” I jerk away and remove my hand from his throbbing cock. “Don’t you know me by now?”

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Autumn Bardot writes historical erotica, the kind that takes you to all sorts of exotic locations and historical times. Sassy women! Spicy sex! Sweet romance! Down n' dirty quickies! Who doesn't need a bit of variety in their life?
She also writes historical fiction, and uses another pseudonym for her indie published paranormal romances. Autumn has a BA in English literature and a MaEd. She's been teaching literary analysis for fourteen years. When Autumn is not writing or working, you'll find her hanging out with her ever-growing family, spoiled husband, and pampered rescue maltipoo. Autumn's favorite things include salty French fries, a good foamy cup of coffee, chocolate, swimming, and a great book.    

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