Sugar & Spice by Phoebe Alexander

*ebook is part of the Sweetest Obsessions Boxed Set *

Series: Spicetopia; Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance / RomCom

I'd always been the black sheep of the family. No wonder they picked me to play undercover boss at Sweetopia, the theme park my family owned. While they lounged in the lap of luxury, I'd be donning an apron to serve pastries at Cotton Candy Castle, one of our most popular attractions. 

But I was tempted to blow my cover when I met The Red Velvet Queen. She as wearing a costume and a fake jeweled crown, but this woman was absolutely breathtaking. I invented a baker's dozen reasons to talk to her every day, quickly becoming addicted to her sweet, sugary goodness.

She thought I was just seasonal help. Too bad I was actually her boss. It could never be more than a fling ... a fleeting one at that. Flings were what I lived for, so why couldn't I settle for just one slice instead of wanting the whole damn pie?

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