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BOOK BLURB   “You’re trouble, you know that?”   Fire captain Cameron McClain thinks I’m the meddlesome one, but he’s the instigator. His rugged good looks and confident sense of humor should be illegal. Not to mention his dimples.   They’re partially to blame for why I leave this party and follow him back to his room. I knew we had chemistry, but from the second his lips meet mine, my body catches on fire. All it takes is one touch and the attraction between us combusts into an undeniable heat.   One hot night. That’s all we were meant to be. But now that I know how good we are together, how can I stay away?   ONE HOT NIGHT is a short and steamy prequel to CAUGHT IN THE LIES and available for FREE on all retailers.   Cover design: Perfect Pear  

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EXCERPT OPTION #1 “Give me your phone. I’ll put my number in,” Cam says, striding over with his confident steps.   “Why?” I force out a wry laugh. “So you can call me?”   “No.” There he goes again with that knowing smirk. As if he knows something I don’t.   “No?” I raise my brows. Then why does he want my number? Is this his move? What he does to ease women out of his bed. Does he think I can’t handle a one-time hookup? That I’ll chase him? I scoff. “What, you think I’m calling you?”   He chuckles, his open palm held between us. “No.”   “Then why?” Against my good judgment I hand over my cell. I’m not sure why, other than it makes him smile and those dimples pop. They’re almost as distracting as his bare chest.   He takes my phone and taps the screen a few times. He locks the screen and takes a step forward. His lips, full and utterly kissable, are only a breath away, but instead of going for my mouth he slides my phone into my back pocket. He gives my ass a squeeze and steps back. “Maybe I’ll send you a d*ck pic.” He shrugs, then reaches for the door. “If you’re lucky.”   EXCERPT OPTION #2:   “Jill.” He says my name rough, low, and full of need. There’s no question what he’s asking, even though he hasn’t posed a question. His strong body moves behind me, not close enough that we’re touching, but with a silent promise that his heat could set us both on fire. He only needs my permission to light the match.   I have no intention of getting burned. The smart thing would be to lay out the rules or go back to the party. Hell, I’ve spent the better part of the last hour arguing and pissed off at Cam, but with the rest of the world locked outside this room, I want to rebel. Give in to my most basic instincts. I want to feel. I want him. I want us.   I lift my chin, slowly glancing over my shoulder.   His lips are right there waiting. Full. Sensual. Tempting. “Jill.” This time my name leaves his mouth in a whisper and the rasp of his desire sends a surge of lust throughout my body. “I want you.” He waits though. Almost as if he’s waiting for my consent. F*ck, if that doesn’t turn me on more.   I want him, too. But I can’t have him. Can I?     TEASERS   ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kacey Shea is a USA Today bestselling author of steamy contemporary romance. She enjoys writing strong and smart heroines, heroes with hearts of gold, and stories that deliver a satisfying, well-earned happily ever after. When she's not writing you will find her playing Uber to one of her three children, drinking iced tea by the gallon, or planning her next escape from the Arizona heat. Kacey has a free book for all newsletter subscribers along with bonus epilogues for her most beloved novels   AUTHOR LINKS Facebook: Kacey’s Reader Group: Instagram Twitter Amazon: Goodreads: Book Bub: Website


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