Cover Re-Reveal: OWEN by Alora Kate and Sarah Darlington

Title: OWEN
Authors: Alora Kate & Sarah Darlington

When a beautiful woman grabs you, presses her soft lips to yours, and strips off all her clothes ... you don’t think, you act.

I had no idea my brother came early with his girlfriend to our family’s cabin in Colorado.

I had no idea she wasn’t just another girl I’d picked up at the bar.

I’d been drinking.
These were all excuses. And by a stroke of luck, no one caught us together, and Joslyn didn’t seem to notice the difference between me and my twin. So maybe all is right with the world. Maybe I can pretend nothing happened and move past this.

Except...I like this girl.

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Sarah Darlington

Sarah Darlington was born in Colorado and grew up all over the United States. These days, she calls Virginia home, where she lives with her husband, two kids, and large dog. The best word to describe Sarah is 'creative.' She's passionate about designing, crafting, and photography. But most of all... she loves creating stories through her writing. Her romance books are sexy and heart-gripping at their core, guaranteed to make you swoon. Any of them can be read as a stand-alone, but all are connected within the same world.

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Alora Kate

"I hear voices in my head and I love that its totally okay." - Alora Kate Alora Kate is a multi-genre author who likes to be bold and original; stepping outside of the box and bringing her readers fresh characters from all parts of life. She’s a mother, college student, photographer, and graphic designer. She resides in northern MN with her son, where she plans to stay for a long time despite the cold winters.



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