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Title: Missing Summer: The Complete Collection
Series: Missing Summer (#1-3)
Author: E.N. Hudgins
Design: Erica Hudgins At The LOL Studio
Model: Lance Jones & Kim Wright
Photog: LJ Photography
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance
Release Date: March 29, 2016
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Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around. - "Vanilla Sky"

Time changes people, and in Jared's case, it's no different.
High school was a struggle for him, and it was a year of heartache.
He'd already lost more than anyone should have by the age of eighteen.
But when he gets another chance, years later, with the one girl
he has wanted from day one, he can't get over the past.
Each time she tries to get closer to him, he pushes her further away.

Kollie is a survivor.
She has faced pain and loss in her young life, yet she doesn't
complain about the hand she was dealt.
Forced to support herself, she finds a job as a nanny with a family in her neighborhood.
Imagine her surprise when the guy she crushed on in high school shows up.
She'd always admired him, but never had the nerve to approach him.
It turns out that he's her employer's son, Jared.
That night was the beginning of a romance that pushed their boundaries,
forcing them both to face their demons, no longer able to hide
from a painful past of loss and abuse.
Their whirlwind romance takes place over three consecutive summers.
Join Jared and Kollie as they in turn try to shield one
another from
the pain of past events, while at the same time working to protect one another
from more hurt and loss. While they strive to find and maintain the
connection that continutes to pull them together again and again, summer
after summer, forcing them to realize that what brings them the
greatest happiness of all…is one another.
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I wake up and I’m in a bed that I recognize, it’s the one I shared with Jared.  Jamie is standing at the foot of the bed, with her phone out.
“Where is he?”
“Probably back in Georgia by now.”
I shoot up out of the bed. “What? Why? When did he leave?”
“After he carried you to this bed. You fell asleep crying outside his door.”
“Why would he leave?”
“Are you serious? I don’t blame him. Why would you throw that in his face Kollie?” She looks at me with an icy stare. “I should knock you the fuck out. She wasn't just your best friend, Kollie. Remember? That was also his child that died. Did you forget what he told you? You never even let him explain a damn thing before you ran off to see your old fucked up family. You just left him.”
“And came back. What? Did you need to dish some payback? Is that what this was? Because so help me Kollie if I came down here and left my child for you to be a selfish bitch and shove this in his face because of what he told you about Cara, I will forget our friendship and deliver a fucking hook to that beautiful jaw.”
“Of course not. But fuck. Help me. Call him. Now!”
“No. Just let him cool off. You can see him when we get back home.”
“No Jamie I’m not going back yet.”
“You’re kidding me right?”
“No, I still have stuff to do.”
“You’re one fucked up girl. Good riddance. I’m done trying, Kollie. This is bullshit, and you know it.” She stands from the bed and turns to look at me. “I’ll always be here for you, but what you’re doing isn’t right, and you damn well know it.”

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Music by Charles Hudgins,
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about author
 en hudgins
E. N. Hudgins is new to the Author scene.  Missing Summer is her debut novel, and she's already got the next one in the works.  The characters are talking to her already.
avid reader for years and loves all genres of romance that include angst,
especially the temper throwing cliffhangers. Her goal is to cause readers to
scream, cry, and yell in a crowded library while reading her stories.  She loves
to write scenes that melt your heart and set your undies on fire..

When she's not writing she works as a graphic artist creating book covers and
tantalizing teasers.
She lives in Georgia with her husband and two children.  They have a dog
named Dixon and a cat named Maggie. Yes, her pet names are inspired by The
Walking Dead. 
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