Release Blitz: Project Paradise
by Phoebe Alexander

Genre: Romantic Comedy 
(Readers 18+ due to graphic scenes)

Series: The Juniper Court Series

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If we build it ... will they come

Valley Archer knows she's different that the other moms in her neighborhood. She doesn't enjoy baking, never goes to Starbucks, and wouldn't be caught dead in yoga pants.

So what does Valley like?

Sex. And lots of it.

Her poor husband David is having a hard time keeping up (pardon the pun).

If she has her say, they'll soon be turning 6 Juniper Court into a swinger paradise. And Valley doesn't give one f*ck what the neighbors think.

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I truly enjoyed this book from beginning until the end. I loved Valley and her quick humor and smartassiness! She was such a fun character. David is a wonderful husband in the fact he indulges his wife and her whims. I have become a avid fan of Pheobe Alexander and her writing. She loves to write about average size women and not everyone in her books are stereotypical to the genre!!! She promotes self love and body positivity in her books through her characters which I love. Valley is that girl in this story and this is a wonderful book to open this series with. I am so excited to see what happens in the little cul-de-sac. It was so much fun watching Valley and David and their journey to an alternate life style of swinging.

I was told about this book by a friend and it sounded super hot so I read it. I am so, so glad I did. It was hotter than I thought it would be! I devoured this book in one sitting and was left super hot afterwards, if you get my drift ;) Valley is an awesome character! I'd love to be her neighbor. Her husband is also pretty awesome. Phoebe Alexander really has a knack for writing characters and a storyline well. I will definitely be checking out the rest in Juniper Court Series!!


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