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Title: Road to Addison
Series: Leading Road, book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 12, 2018
Cover Designer: RMGraphX

At fourteen I made a choice that changed my life.
For the last eight years I’ve held on to the fear of being left behind.
I never thought I would find love. Never believed I would find someone who would change the course of my life. But it wasn’t just my life. It was my son’s too.

Worthless, unwanted, starved.
That was what I grew up feeling. Grew up being told.
I gave up on the white picket fence and Prince Charming at an early age.
I only ever felt worthy of my sisters’ and grandparents’ love.
Could I fight for my own self-worth?
Could I have Prince Charming?
The baby I dreamed of?

Will Warren face this fear and fight for what he desires? Can Addison overcome her past to make her dreams come true? Will they work together for what might be their forever?
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Three days.

Three long, miserable days without Addison has been pure torture. The first day I walked into her room and saw her battered body was too much for me. My grandma held me together for what seemed like hours, letting me break down completely. Then, she gave me a little hope, enough to get me through each day. Raider hasn’t seen Addie, since he’s still too young to be in the ICU. I’m grateful for it, because I don’t want him seeing her this way. I want him to see her when she’s smiling and laughing.

“Come on, baby, I need you to wake up. I can’t go another day without those beautiful eyes.” I gently kiss her right hand, trying with all my might to not disturb the IV. “Raider’s been asking for you every day. We need you to come back to us, baby. Please, come back to me.”

Every day is the same. I talk to her, then I beg her to open those beautiful cloudy eyes that I miss so much. I haven’t wanted to take time off from work, because when Addie wakes up, and she will wake up, I plan on taking my vacation time since I haven’t used it. There is no way I’m letting anyone else take care of her when I can do it. I want to take care of her. Today, I do the same I did yesterday, I talk. “About two years after Raider was born, I asked my family if I would ever find love. Grandma, being the wise woman that she is, told me not to fight fate, don’t run, don’t hide from it. That when the time was right I would find the woman for me.” I pause to take a deep breath. “Then I met you. So you see, you can’t leave me, not now that fate has lead me to you, Addison.”

Veronica has lived all her life in a Texas border town where she alternates between her hobbies of reading, cooking, and landscaping. She’s a sucker for fast cars (especially the ’71 Hemi Cuda), and has a love for good whiskey even though just the smell is enough to get her drunk.

She surrounds herself with good, outgoing people who value loyalty and family, and likes to write those character traits for her readers. Her addiction to contemporary romance began in her late teens, and she’s never looked back.

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