New Release OUT OF BOUNDS by Julia Connors


Release Date: July 27

I’m a type-A planner, but arriving at my best friend’s wedding newly single was not part of the plan.


Jilted by my cheating ex-fiancé and left homeless in the process, it’s a no-brainer to take my best friend Jackson up on her offer to stay in her condo in Park City. The only catch? Jackson’s already agreed to let her younger brother Beau stay there for a few weeks.


Living with Beau short-term shouldn’t be an issue, except when we meet again for the first time in a decade, our chemistry is off the charts. But Beau is everything I’m not looking for in a guy: he’s unpredictable and self-centered, a known womanizer, and incapable of committing to anything besides traveling the globe snowboarding. Plus, no guy is worth losing my best friend over.


As barely tolerating each other turns to barely restrained attraction, our relationship is pushed far past the boundaries we’ve both erected. Can we keep it casual as our relationship heats up, or are we risking every plan we’ve ever made?


Author’s Note: If you don’t like adorably possessed shelter puppies, sexy roommates in gray sweatpants, family curses, unexpected trips to Las Vegas, hotel rooms with one bed, and steamy off-limits secret flings, this book isn’t for you. But if you like all that and a happy ending, pre-order this book now!

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Meet Julia Connors

Julia Connors grew up on the warm and sunny West Coast, but her first decision as an adult was to trade her flip-flops for snow boots and move to Boston. 

She’s been enjoying everything that New England has to offer for over two decades, and now that she’s acclimated to the snowy winters and finally found all the places to get good sushi and tacos, she has zero regrets. 

You can usually find her in front of her computer, but when she stops writing she’s most likely to be found outdoors, preferably with a pair of skis or snowshoes strapped to her feet in winter, or on a paddleboard in the summer. 

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" Out of Bounds is a great follow up to Julia Connor’s debut novel, I can’t believe this is only her second book. It feels and reads like she has been writing for years.
Jilted by her fiancé right before the wedding of her bestie, Sierra’s type a personality has taken a hit, she’s at a total loss, literally. Written in a dual point of view, Sierra and Beau’s story take a few turns, not necessarily good turns, nonetheless, their chemistry is off the charts. Beau is way hotter than Sierra remembers, not in the market for a new man in her life, she may not be able to resist Beau’s charms. Maybe a little friends with benefits may quench their thirst, or will their attraction get in the way of the arrangement? Gotta love the grey sweatpants!!


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