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Book: An Unexpected Love
Series: Complicated Love Series
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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She doesn’t want to care.
He doesn’t want a commitment.

A chance encounter at a wedding reception starts an unexpected love that is unwelcome and unwanted.

Tracy had a happy childhood. Her parents have been together forever, but love doesn’t come into the equation. They are both together to save face. Love between them died a long time ago and Tracy doesn’t want to end up like them.

Karl has loved once before and the heartbreak he felt was crushing. He can’t open his heart to another. He won’t do it. Not again.

What will happen when love grabs them both unexpectedly?
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“Karl, what’s wrong?” I snap out of it to see Lily staring up at me with a frown on her face.
“Sorry, but I have to go.” I don’t give her time to respond before I’m making my way out the door of the club to find Tracy. It wasn’t difficult to find her because she was waiting by the curb for a taxi and she’s not looking my way as I rush over to her.
“Tracy, wait!”
Her head whips around and her eyes lock with mine. I can’t see any emotion in her eyes. She’s not giving away how she’s feeling and it’s making me feel a little off kilter.
“Where are you going?” I have no idea what else to say to her.
“Oh…I’m just not feeling well, and I’m going to go home.” She breaks eye contact with me and wraps her arms around herself. She hasn’t got her jacket and I feel dumb for not picking mine up either.
“Why don’t you come inside and pick up your jacket, then I can call you a cab? It’ll be warmer than waiting out here.” She looks a little lost, but I see something flash in her eyes and I’m not quite sure what I’m seeing.
“Fine, I’ll go and get my jacket but I’m coming back outside to wait.” She marches inside and I’m quick on her heels. We give in our jacket tickets, she’s handed her jacket and before I can say anything else she’s marching back outside. I’ve never worked so hard to speak to a woman before, but I can’t stop myself from going after her.
I’m beginning to get angry with her attitude.
What the hell have I done wrong?
“Tracy, wait!” She stops and waits for me to catch up, but she doesn’t turn around. “What the hell is going on? You seemed fine at the club, hanging out with me. What changed?” I don’t expect her to turn around abruptly and start with her pissy attitude.
“I didn’t come here to hang out with you! I came to have a girl’s night out with my friend Lily. Why did you have to be here!”
I look at her in shock. “Whoa, okay, sorry for being here. I didn’t realize you’d be here, but in a way I’m glad you were because I think we should talk.”
“Talk? What the hell do I have to talk to you about?”
I’ve obviously completely pissed her off now. Her face is turning an ugly shade of red, but she still looks fucking fantastic. I’m getting turned on just looking at her.”
“Look…Tracy, I’m sorry for that night five years ago. I was a complete tool, and you didn’t deserve to be treated that way. You have every right to be mad at me, but I was hoping we could put it behind us and be…friends?” I see the shock written on her face when I say the word, friends. She looks lost.
“Friends? Are you kidding me? You don’t understand what it was like to wake up and discover you’d left before even talking to me. It was a mistake, I get that, but why couldn’t you stay and tell me that to my face? Why did you have to leave like you did and make me feel used?”
“Because I was scared, okay!” I shout. I can’t take hearing how she felt. Tracy has calmed a little and looks slightly confused about my outburst. A few people have stopped in the street to watch us, but it’s surprisingly quiet with most people being in the club.
“Scared? I don’t understand.” She tilts her head and looks at me. Taking a deep breath, I blurt out how I was feeling that night. All I wanted to do was see if we could be friends and move on.
“It’s nothing…don’t worry about it.” I scratch the back of my head.
“Do you know what, Karl, just forget it! I don’t know why I thought I’d get any answers from you. You’re so…frustrating! No…I don’t want to be your friend! I don’t want anything to do with you, so can you go and leave me alone!”

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What Others Are Saying?

I highly enjoyed the story, with so many twists and turns and revelations. I was at times in tears or floods of laughter at their antics and found myself wanting to smack their heads together at others. Always the sign of a good book!!!!! ~ Goodreads Review

I really enjoyed this story and I am looking forward to more about Tracy and Karl in future stories. This was a five-star read for me. ~ Goodreads Review

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About The Author

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She lives in England, UK and is married with two children. At the moment she is a stay at home mum whilst her son is still at nursery.

She has been a blogger for about a year and a half and use to admin for Magic Within The Pages but in January 2015 she decided to go it alone and set up her own page called Late Night Books and Reviews. She loves helping out authors and is really enjoying promoting them on her page. Also she beta reads for a couple of authors and is always happy doing their reviews.

She loves reading and remembers her first book read on her kindle was Little Women and as a kid she loved reading Disney stories, her favourite was peter Pan.

The idea for her debut novel, A Complicated Love came about rather abruptly one night in a dream. she wasn't sure whether she could get it down on paper; however with much needed support by her author friends she has gained motivation and confidence to write her novel, This has greatly helped her inspiration and self-belief to grow.

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