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April 29th

The Parlour, VDB 1

Charlotte E Hart

The Parlour  
Above all else Pascal Van Der Braack is a gentleman. Devastatingly debonair and seductively charming. Always styled and perfected. He is also a cad, scoundrel, rogue and kink empire founder. Tutored in the highest of society, having been born of royalty only to deny it, he found his solace in a world where rules need not apply. Where he chooses to ensure rules and duty do not apply. Some call him Sir, others call him Master and no one would dare risk his wrath unless they required the punishment he favourably delivers. No one except one, who has just strapped a collar around his throat. One he asked for. Now he needs to appropriate his businesses correctly for peace to ensue. He needs to find the correct path forward for everyone concerned, so he can relax, enjoy, and finally hand over the responsibility to someone else. Simple. But where comfort and a safety of sorts once dwelt, there is now uncertainty, and a feeling of longing he no longer understands. A need unfulfilled. As problems arise and allies scheme, he finds himself searching for answers in the most unlikely of places.   Lilah It’s the same every day. I found it odd at first but I’m used to it now. I was so tired and weak when I got here that it was helpful really. That small woman comes in to help me wash and get dressed. I don’t know where the clothes come from, but they’re nice enough, and at least they’re clean and dry. Not like the rags I arrived in. They were taken from me the moment I took them off to get into the shower, the first shower I’d had in god knows how long. For nearly a year, I’d been running the streets. A year without a real bed or a home of any sort. There isn’t a long and awful story to tell about an abusive family member or a broken home. I suppose I just slipped through the cracks and got lost at some point. I lost my job first, then I couldn’t afford the bills or my apartment, so the landlord threw me out. I don’t blame him, he did the right thing for himself. And then it was just a long and never-ending road to nothingness. So, now I’m here, wherever here is. And I don’t know why…  




  Lilah's POV: VDB1 all © Charlotte E Hart "You will not hoist me anywhere, you will carry on with our conver ...." The speed of his strides across to me has my feet retreating at the very real possibility of being hoisted. "I will, my dear, and I shall enjoy the privilege greatly," he says, circling my frame and smacking my arse in the process. My body scoots forward again and is stopped only by his arm wrapping around my waist, drawing me back to his warm body. "You should be careful with your tone around such an enticement, hmm? Perhaps we should fuck here rather than in front of Him, hmm? Does the thought make you so nervous?" My frame immediately stills in his arms. "Ahh, you did not realise my plot." No, I did not. "Mmm," he muses, breathing into my neck and dragging his tongue across the soft spot behind my ear. Tingles instantly start to collapse my aim for 'in control' at the very thought of his lips. "Should you still require access to my innards, Lilah, you shall have to ask him." "For what?" "To teach you to take them from me, of course. That is what you wanted, hmm?"


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Charlotte is a dark erotic romance/suspense author living in the heart of the Shropshire countryside in Great Britain. She’s lived all across the United Kingdom due to her previous employment as an Event manager but finally settled in a small town that still reeks of old school England. Her love of reading started in college, but the call to writing came much later in life, when she finally had the chance to put pen to paper for the first time. Writing has become a revolution for the soul and she cherishes every second that she’s sitting at the laptop tapping her way into a new character. When not writing she enjoys socialising with close friends and travelling to all the major cities across the globe. Travel has always been a constant companion to reading throughout her life and only increases her thirst for stimulation. With the release of The White Trilogy, she intends to spend the next year enjoying every element of being a published author and learning as much as she can. She also very much looks forward to hopefully meeting some fans at some point.  




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