Release Blitz ~ Roses in the Sand by CS Patra

Release Blitz:
Roses in the Sand
CS Patra
Apr 30th

Lily Ballentyne hasn't had it easy for the last few days. She's unlucky in love and struggling to get through her days. At the urging of her boss, she goes on vacation in hopes that some things will change. However, she spends most of her time watching couples walking up and down the shoreline. Day after day, she dreams that she will find the perfect person in this paradise.

Johanna Villanueva is the drummer of the popular band, Black Widow's Kiss. Much like Lily, she is also looking for love and not finding it. The two of them meet and sparks fly but Johanna doesn't tell Lily who she truly is. She doesn't reveal that she is a rock star who is currently in the middle of a big tour. The two enjoy the time they have together but how long can they possibly last? Will they be able to get through these next few days? Love runs deep and neither one knows just how far the other will go for it.

CS Patra is the Amazon bestselling author of several book series. They include but are not limited to The Reaper's Apprentices, Operation: Genome, Cirque Macabre, Portman's Creamery mysteries, The Patterns & Parallels Saga, Ghosts of Burning Inn, and Flavors of Love. She loves to dabble in different genres and loves to cross over. Her personal favorite thing is write about female characters in different situations. 

Although she does work during the day, most of her nights are taking up by writing. Currently, she lives in North Carolina with her family. She loves ladybugs, yellow roses, movies, book signings, mysteries, watching old Youtube videos, ghost stories, gossip, music, people making her fanart, museums, ice cream, and being a wisecrack though not all in that order. Writing and peacocks hit the top of her list though. 



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