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Cover Reveal & Release Blitz
Title: Score
Author: Eden Rose
Genre: Sports, Romance
Release Date: June 30th, 2016
Score Ebook Cover final


Wyatt Thorne seems to have it all. He's the newest point guard for a NBA team in Michigan and women love him. He could have any woman he wants except for his married lawyer. And that is the one that he wants. Not only is Keeley Johnson married, but she's married to the other lawyer in the office that represents his new contract. Charm and seduction isn't going to work this time and it's only going to shoot himself in the foot. But... Is there anyway that she feels the same for him? Keeley Johnson is relatively happy with her life or so she thought until she fell into Wyatt's lap as she walked into her office. She didn't expect to see such a fine and distinguished man sitting her in consultation room. But there he is. And he's smokin' hot. With their attraction for one another mutual, there's only two ways this go and either way doesn't have the best outcome. Either they get together and suffer the consequences of that or they part ways. What happens when Keeley's husband picks up on her attraction to her client? And what happens when her husband confronts Wyatt in the middle of the hospital about leaving his wife alone? Will their relationship flourish or flounder? Only time will tell and it's only going to get messy.  
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