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Stella's Diner by Elizabeth Suit is now live!

Lucy Swisher's life has always been decided for her and her inner anxiety-ridden perfectionist is just fine with it. When her first adult decision leads to a job from hell, she prays for divine intervention to release her from her misery.
Saved by an offer to work at Stella's Diner, Lucy feels like she's stepped into Heaven. Her anxiety quickly fades, and her confidence blossoms under Stella's compassionate guidance.

Everything is going well until Lucy pursues a new opportunity outside the diner and she realizes one choice will change her life forever.

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Meet Elizabeth Suit

Growing up, Elizabeth's favorite pastime was reading. She could never walk through a bookstore without picking up a new book. After reading each book, she simply added it to her bookshelf and moved on to the next. With the advent of social media, she was able to reach out to an author and tell her how much she enjoyed her book. This simple interaction developed a friendship that changed her life.

She was brought into the world of writing and editing and knew she had found her happy place. After years of helping new authors achieve their publishing dreams, she knew it was time to take the leap and follow her own dreams.

Finding light in the darkness is a concept she likes to play with in her writing. Her debut novel imagines what it would be like if you had a chance to be with the loved ones you miss the most.

Elizabeth loves coffee, sarcasm and making people laugh. She is happily married and enjoys traveling with her family. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two children, and two dogs.
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This didn’t start off feeling like a romance and I honestly was annoyed by a lot of Lucy’s inner monologue and even some of the things that happened to her feeling like she was the “poor-me” character that never gets a break but then everything falls into her lap.
There seemed to be a lot of detail which can be good but also overwhelming at the same time.
As I read further into the book I felt this sense that it was going to end like Lost or similar. I just couldn’t get past that feeling of missing a piece of the puzzle or being suspicious of everyone.
Though the drama and closure aren’t of the romantic kind and I wish there was more of a love story I was expecting, this was still a happy ending and I’m honored I was able to read this book for review.

Anxiety, signs from above, ARC for honest review, guardian Angels, finding your purpose"


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