Blog Review ~ All I Am: Drew's Story (A This Man Novella) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

All I Am: Drew's Story (A This Man Novella)  by Jodi Ellen Malpas

You don't need to read the series to enjoy this story. But if you're already a Jesse Ward fan, just wait until you see the advice he gives Drew about falling in love. 

I thought I had control. I was so, so wrong...

I don't need a relationship. I have Hux, a decadent club where I quench whatever raw desire I choose. I take pleasure and I give it - no strings attached. So when Raya Rivers comes in asking for someone cold, emotionless, and filthy... well, no man ever takes his wicked pleasure quite the way I do. 
Only Raya is different. Vulnerable. And carrying some deep sorrow that gets past all my carefully constructed walls and inexplicably makes me care. Now craving controls me. Ice has given way to red-hot need.
But Raya has no idea about my other life - my real life. That I'm daddy to an adorable little girl. My two worlds are about to collide with the force of a supernova. Once Raya knows the truth, will she be able to accept all I am?

I have so wanted to see Drew get his story and we finally have it. And of course I loved it. Plus I got to see more Jesse. How could you go wrong? Drew and Raya's love story was fun to watch happen. They both kept so much of themselves hidden away that I was waiting for the fireworks to happen and boy did they. They had such a connection from the start that I just couldn't pull myself away and I had to finish this novella in one evening. It was so worth it.


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