Blog Review ~ Fighting Fate (Endgame Series #4) by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Fighting Fate (Endgame Series #4) by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Avery Michaels is an artist. She’s mastered the art of lying. Hiding. Sneaking around with the one boy she loves. Her role in the lives of her friends has always been the dependable one, level headed one . . . the one to turn to in times of trouble. A role she takes seriously— enough to demand her relationship stay in the shadows, so it won’t interfere with the lives of her friends and their needs. 

Juggling college and a love nobody is aware of— is becoming more than she can handle. Just as the truth is set to be exposed, consequences be damned, it’s derailed and blown to hell. 

Now, without the love that grounded her, fractured friendships, and an opportunity of a lifetime— will she take it or fight for her endgame? Her fate is in the hands of this one decision . . . she needs to choose wisely. 

*adult content and language* *THIS is BOOK FOUR of series. Not a standalone*

After finishing this book I lightly stalked Ms. Lunsford on facebook and messaged her letting her know how bad of a book hangover I had. This book will have you feeling everything. It had me laughing, crying, yelling and so broken that I literally felt like it was me this was all happening to. I have read this whole series and I didn't think anyone could beat Deacons story but this one ran it right on over. I cannot wait for the ending to this story...please don't break my heart Ms. Lunsford!


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