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❤️☕️ Chosen For Me ☕️❤️
Author: @Fiona Tulle
Genre: Wholesome Romance
Release Date: April 5, 2018

**Portion of proceeds will benefit the Williams Family Abba Fund**

Cover Designer: T.E. Black Designs 
Cover Photographer: Christopher John
Cover Model: David Wills @cdavidwills
Editor: Jenn Wood 
Editor: Cat Parisi 

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☕️❤️☕️Blurb ☕️❤️☕️
Garrett, a retired Army scout, returns home to the Oldest City in the United States, to open his own roastery, one of his lifelong dreams. But more than his love for coffee, Garrett has always wanted to be a dad. After many failed relationships, and what seems like a permanently broken heart, he decides to make fatherhood a reality on his own terms, and forge his way through the adoption process.

Debbie is a youth advocate with a local adoption organization, who loves her job and the children they represent. St. Augustine is a new city for her, but she quickly falls in love with the small shops and businesses that line the downtown area. While she's content in her professional life, she still feels something is missing. Even being in the most romantic city in the country can't make up for her terrible dating experiences, and she swears off men, convinced it just isn't in the cards for her.

When Debbie walks into Garrett’s shop, looking for sponsors for her fundraiser, it appears fate is on his side, and he’ll finally become the parent he’d always wanted to be. But when disaster threatens to strike, Garrett may get more than he bargained for.

Will a good cup of coffee be all it takes for love to find its way through this romantic Old City?

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 ❤️ EXCERPT ❤️
    He took a deep breath, discreetly pulling himself from his thoughts. He wasn’t about to go into Amanda or their relationship with his dad right now; it was the least of his worries. New shop, new roastery, business was beginning to boom, and he wanted to do bigger and greater things than sit and wallow in his memories.

    There was a little voice though, deep down, that he had a hard time silencing. That voice told him he wanted to become a father, a dad, a papa. He was born with the desire to have children. He’d always had a knack for kids. He was a great uncle to his brother’s kids, and he always was the one in his unit who greeted the neighborhood kids in the villages when they were on a mission. He always tucked toys, coins, and knickknacks to give out. He always wished he had more to bring, but the mission was always first priority. He was okay with that when he was in the Army, but now he was a civilian and the mission had changed.

    Now that he was home, that voice only got louder, especially since he spent so much time alone in The Roastery Café. The roasting process was therapeutic, and he would never trade that time for anything, but he craved hearing a small voice and the pitter patter of small feet in the café. 

☕️❤️☕️About The Author☕️❤️☕️

Fiona Tulle has always had a love for writing, from a very young age. She uses her words as an escape from the day to day, getting lost in her characters' worlds. When not writing she can be found curled up with her pups, a cup of coffee, reading her favorite books in the sunshine of Northeast Florida.

She is an avid photography lover and loves hiding behind a camera as well. One day she dreams of having her own images gracing her covers.

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