Release Blitz: Inescapably Hellbound by Cassandra Lawson

Title: Inescapably Hellbound
Series: A Spells That Bind Novel #5
Author: Cassandra Lawson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 30
You are familiar with the story of Hades and Persephone, right? Well, forget what you’ve heard. That is definitely not the way it happened. How do I know? I’m Persephone—one of them, anyway.

Let’s start from the beginning. Once, there was a fallen angel named Hades who claimed to be God of the Underworld. About two millennia ago, Aphrodite put a curse on him that can only be broken by finding the woman he’s destined to love—a woman named Persephone. I’m not the first Persephone Hades has come across, but I know I’m the one to end his curse. There’s only one thing standing in the way—Hades. He’s abducted countless women named Persephone, but I can’t even get him to kiss me!

All of that’s about to change. My plan to find my happily-ever-after with Hades is simple. I just need to seduce him, keep my mother from trying to kill him, and avoid being used by an ex-god of Olympus in a plot to take over the demon realm. What could go wrong?

“If I bring you so much joy, why do you avoid me?”
It was the wrong question. His features became guarded. At least, he didn’t lie and pretend he wasn’t avoiding me. He took a step back, like he was getting ready to leave, but I wasn’t having it. Taking a step forward, I grabbed two of his belt loops. He looked down at my fingers and then back up at me.
“What are you doing?” he asked.
“I deserve an answer,” I replied. “You’re already thinking about running, and I’m not about to let that happen. Now, answer me.”
“It’s safer,” was his quiet reply.
“We are going to have to spend time together,” I insisted.
“I don’t want to hurt you.” He stepped closer, and our gazes locked. One large hand moved to my cheek, and I leaned into it. His touch made me shudder with desire. “You have no idea how dangerous I am.”
“Yes,” I whispered, releasing his belt loops to slide my hands up to his shoulders. “I’m well aware of how dangerous you are. Please, stay.”
He wanted to. I could see the longing in his eyes as he continued to stare down at me. His gaze moved to my mouth, and he leaned in closer. My eyes drifted shut as his lips hovered just above mine. I couldn’t believe he was finally going to kiss me. At least, that’s what I thought until I felt him pull away.
“I can’t,” he told me. “You deserve more.”
On those words, Hades took flight.
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I grumbled as I stomped toward my apartment, so turned on I could feel my body pulsing with need. “If he doesn’t make a move soon, I may be the first Persephone to abduct Hades.”



Cassandra Lawson is an author of paranormal romance and contemporary romantic comedy from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has always had an active imagination and enjoyed making up stories from a young age. A hopeless romantic, she loves a happy ending. When she is not writing, Cassandra enjoys baking, spending time with her family, listening to music, or curling up with a good book.

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