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Title: The Night Manager 
Author: Tarrah Anders 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Trust. Honor. Family.

I wake up naked in bed with my best friend’s little sister and I have no recollection of what happened.  After we go our separate ways, she soon ends up on my doorstep with nowhere to go in the middle of the night and I let her stay with me until she gets her own place.
I tell myself that nothing can happen by burying myself in work and that I fight to ignore the desire burning through my veins of her presence, but I’m only human.

“Can I ask you an odd question, okay maybe not really odd, but probably not the everyday type of question that one would be asked?” I start.  “Should I be concerned about this question?” he asks playfully.  “I was looking for the broom earlier, because I broke a cup, sorry about that by the way. And so, I went looking in the garage. Why do you have a box labeled knee pads? I mean why would you need a box full of knee pads? What are you doing on your knees?”  His face slowly turns from serious to sudden laughter. He flops back onto the bed with his hand over his eyes and laughs loudly as I stand still in between his legs with my hands on my hips.  “Oh man.” He says in between fits of laughter. He wipes his eyes and then leans up on his elbows. “What do you think it’s for?” he says finally trying to keep a straight face but failing miserably.  “I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.”  “So as you know, I’m a retired male dancer.” He says and pauses... 

The Night Manager is a spin off from Tarrah Anders’ STRIPPED Available now exclusively on Amazon & Free on KindleUnlimited

Meet Tarrah. She’s a contemporary erotic romancer who is all about the feels, with the twists of sexy mixed in between. She’s been writing since before she can remember.  Writing has always been a passion, that was kept it under wraps, stayed on the backburner and never vocalized or followed through with my desire to be a writer, until she read a horrible book and thought: ‘I could do better than that!’ She kept her writing romance from her husband for nearly two years, but finally told him because… royalties and taxes. Now, he lovingly helps with ‘research’ and uses him for his amazing Photoshop skills for her covers.  
She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but living in beautiful San Diego with her little family while working during the day as a social worker working with the homeless. She is a hardcore San Francisco Giants fan and anything dealing with cupcakes and zombies.

Her writing style is that she tries to keep on earth. She tries her best to not be too unrealistic with her characters, what they do and how they live. She wants her books to be relatable and not to create too many eye rolls.
She has written and self-published 10 books so far in her writing career.  They’re all dual point of view aside from one story. She is currently working on several pieces but focusing on two mainly. Thematically, the novels are friends to lovers, random hook-ups and office romances mixed with a whole lot of fun in the middle.

Insta & Twitter: @tarrahanders


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