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Temptation by JD Hawkins
Release Date: August 29th
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Photographer: Wander Aguiar
Cover Model: Collin V.
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What happens when the boy you've wanted your whole life finally wants you back?
I'm used to taking what I want, being the best at what I do. During the day, I make big bucks as New York's premiere consultant. At night, I can get any girl I lay my eyes on. I thought this life was what I wanted: working hard and playing harder--with penthouse apartments, luxury cars and bottle service every weekend. After six years in the city, I know I've been living like a monster for too long. I need to get my act together. I need to find something real. I need to come home.
LA means family and a fresh start. My parents and my friends who are close enough to be siblings.
And Melina.
Melina is nerdy smart, with a challenging sense of humor and legs for miles. It's so hard to describe her...enigmatically beautiful. I’m sure there’s a word for it in French. But I know there's a naughty girl hiding behind that shy smile that I'm dying to drag out.
There was always something between us. I never forgot her laugh, never could get her off my mind. Nobody ever seemed to notice how my body would react when I was near Melina, how much more focused I became—maybe not even Melina herself. But this time it’s different.
The more time we spend together, the more I wonder if there was something there all along. After so long in the fast lane, I don't know if I can handle settling down. But seeing Melina's passion, I'm tempted beyond belief.
I have to admit it: temptation is hard to resist.
I go dizzy, feeling so faint I need to close my eyes for a minute before I can do anything but bask. Wyatt strokes my hair slowly, the rough-but-cool touch of his hands bringing me back to life, and when I open my eyes I see him lying there beside me.
Suddenly the haze clears and I feel my stomach sink like a stone. The full magnitude of what just happened forming like a beast on the horizon.
“Oh god…I can’t believe we just…” I mumble.
“Yeah…” Wyatt replies with a lazy grin. “We did.”
The anxiety comes fast, flooding into that empty space left by orgasm.
Wyatt. My childhood crush. A friend I share with our families, our entire group. My new, albeit temporary, boss. As amazing as it felt in the moment, the myriad ways in which this was a horrible idea come out from wherever they were hiding an hour ago.
How could I be so reckless?
And how the hell are we going to keep this a secret?
About the Author
JD Hawkins writes erotic romance with modern-classic alpha males and strong, independent women. He currently lives with his wife in Austin, TX. He loves to travel and has lived in many places, including LA, New York City, India and Thailand. When he isn't writing, JD enjoys surfing, training in Mixed Martial Arts, reading and taking naps. He once dreamed of becoming a ballerina. He's always loved making up stories, especially ones inspired by real life.
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I loved this friends to lovers book from JD Hawkins. I must admit I have not read many books from him previously, but every time I pick one up, I end up loving every page.
What I liked most about this story, was that Wyatt helped Melina find the person she was always meant to be. This really doesn't come in to effect until later in the story, but there are snippets of him doing this for her along the way. Wyatt is truly a wonderfully written H, probably one of the best I have read in quite some time.
Melina comes across as a bit awkward, but she certainly comes in to her own with the help of Wyatt and also her career.
Hopefully the four other friends all end up with their own stories in the future.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.


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