Release Blitz: With Every Goodbye by Renea Porter

Title: With Every Goodbye
Series: Book One in the Winter Beach Series
Author: Renea Porter
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 29, 2018
I knew I wanted her the moment I saw her. But it was selfish.
I was selfish.
Because I was only going to be in Winter Beach, Texas for three months. Long enough to find out that Grace Summers would be my muse. Just enough time to get another collection of paintings ready. As much as I wanted Grace, I couldn’t commit to a relationship. I wasn’t ready. And neither was she.
After just ending a relationship, and losing myself completely, there was no way I was prepared to begin again. Then came Max who made me question everything I thought I knew.
My art gallery was featuring a collection of his paintings for the next three months and then he’d be gone. Surely, I couldn’t fall in love that quickly...or could I?
Like the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens.

He smiled wide at me. “Hey, babe.”
“Hey,” I said, noticing he had a paint brush in his hand. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist while peering over his shoulder, and I lightly kissed his bare skin.
He twisted in my arms to face me. “You know I can’t work if you’re in here in this short thing, kissing me. I can’t resist you.”
He took his paintbrush and brushed it on my arm and chuckled.
“Oh my god, you painted me.” Somehow, he got the blue ink on my face and my thigh.
Thankfully, the dress I was wearing was old. “I think you should strip and we’ll see where this goes,” he suggested.
I backed away from him so he could come get me. I laughed as I ran away from him, but the space wasn’t big enough as he caught me, wrapping his arms around my waist. Catching my breath, he bore his eyes into mine and I held his hooded stare. When his hands skimmed the hem of my dress, I knew what was happening and I felt dizzy. Reaching under my dress, he felt my bare flesh and his eyebrows peaked upward.
“Oh, already naked underneath.” He grinned as he gripped my ass and pulled me flush against him, allowing me to feel the erection he had. “You do wicked things to me, woman.”
“You make me dizzy,” I replied, meeting his lips with mine.
“And you look even sexier with paint on you.”
Renea Porter is best known for writing realistic stories with realistic characters. Her stories may even cause you to shed a tear or two. 
She mainly writes New Adult and Contemporary Romances. However, she's not afraid to venture into other genre's like Paranormal Romance. She enjoys spending time with her husband of fifteen years, and step son. She calls Pennsylvania home, but loves to travel and try new things. In her free time you can catch her reading books, watching reality tv, and baking.


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