Release Blitz: Crows MC: The complete Series Cassandra Bloom

Title: Crows MC: The Complete Series 
Authors: Cassandra Bloom & Nathan Squiers 
Genre: MC Romance 

Buckle your seatbelts and get ready to ride with the Crow's MC as you experience firsthand the fiery passion of men who live life to the fullest

The Crow's MC Complete Series includes: Running on Empty, Riding on Fumes, and Braking Hard. 

Running on Empty (Book One)
I was just looking for revenge. 
I never expected that I'd find redemption 

Some people have pretty little goals in life. 
A nice house. A safe neighborhood. A boring, steady job. 
My only goal is revenge. 

The sick bastards in the Carion Crew have no idea what they’ve created. 
I’m more monster than man…and I’m going to destroy them. 

All that changes when I see Mia, their prettiest captive. 

One look, and I have no choice but to save her from the chains of her debt. 
They’ll never touch her again. 
They’ll never run their hands down her gorgeous curve. 
They’ll never hear her beg. 
She’ll belong to me. 

But now that she’s been broken by the Carion Crew… 
Can she ever be mine? 

Riding on Fumes (Book Two)
I’d gotten my revenge.
I’d achieved redemption.
And, go figure, I even got the girl.
We both nearly burned to death in getting what we both wanted, but nothing ever comes without a price tag, does it?
Little did we know that we were far from paid up.
Now, while Mia might be free from the clutches of the Carrion Crew and I might be feeling a bit less… well, crazy, there’s a new problem on the horizon.
New for me, but for Mia…
The worst pests are the ones that creep out of the festering cracks of the past, aren’t they?
But Mia’s old problem has new ties to our mutual enemies, and it seems like everyone’s out for her flesh and my blood.
What next?

Braking Hard (Book Three)
Life keeps setting them up…
And Mia and I keep knocking them down.
We’ve got our help, sure—what good’s being the leader of your very own gang of motorcycle riding tough guys if you don’t get to use them, right?—but there’s a time to take pride in one’s work and…
And life just keeps setting them up.
They say that problems always come in threes, but I can’t help but feel like I’d put off this certain problem for too long. Papa Raven, leader of the Carrion Crew, has officially slipped into the realm of completely and utterly insane in his pursuit to kill me and (re)collect Mia…
Fortunately for me, he’s not the only crazy gang leader in this city.
So Papa Raven and the Carrion Crew want a fight?
‘Cause, with Mia by my side, I finally got something worth fighting for...

If you love dirty-talking bikers who love their MC as much as their women, one-click CROW'S MC: The Complete Series NOW! This box set includes all the CROW'S MC books for your reading pleasure. Guaranteed kindle-melting steam, happily ever afters and no cliffhangers!

Who doesn't love a bad boy? 
Come on's time to indulge the bad girl in you.
Follow your instincts. Trust your Heart. Ignore Logic. Ignore the Complications. Just go for it.
Cassandra Bloom introduces you to powerfully steamy alpha male bad boys who find their happy ever after with a curvy, feisty lady ...


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