Release Blitz for Shadow By Drew Sera

Title: Shadow 
Author: Drew Sera 
Series: Lust And Lies Book 1
Genre: Mafia/Romance/Suspense 

They gave me one job—watch Chloe Olsen and remain in the shadows.

I’ve spent so much time there, lurking along the outskirts of society, being no one, it shouldn’t have been hard to return to them.

It’s the least I could do for the Van Doorns after they dragged me from the darkness of my old life.

But from the moment I saw her, I knew I wanted her.

I shouldn’t have spoken to her.

Messing with her means digging my own grave. Pursuing her puts my family at risk.

Chloe is my light, but family is everything…

Drew Sera was born and raised in Sin City and has been immersed in the BDSM lifestyle as a submissive since 2011. As a native to Las Vegas, it was only natural for Drew to incorporate her love of Sin City in her books. Her knowledge of both the city and the lifestyle has given her insight and first hand experience on the actual fears and emotions that her characters go through. It’s through the relationships she forged there that she is able to give a realistic glimpse at the everyday side to this wonderful lifestyle. 
She attributes much of her learning to her longtime partner and Dom who has encouraged her freedom to explore. Drew prides herself on learning about alternative lifestyles by asking questions, attending classes and reaching out to many people in all aspects of the BDSM community. While Drew is primarily focused on writing, her creativity stretches beyond words; she draws a wicked stick figure.


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