The Friendship Equation by Suze Robinson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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What happens when you fall for your best friend just in time to lose her?

Molly is a pastry chef with a dedicated path to running a kitchen in New York to escape the looming shadow of never being enough in her father's kitchen.

Adam is a math teacher with a commitment to his family and their small seaside hometown. Leaving home just isn't something he can do; not when so man people rely on him.

They are roommates and best friends who were always together... until things shift out of the friend zone. Once they find out their time together is limited, and an undeniable chemistry is unleashed, how will they figure out how to move forward as just friends? 

This is my first read by this author and I will gladly read others by her. This was a well written story about 2 best friends that FINALLY realize that they are actually in love with one another. Molly has big dreams and Adam is not willing to keep her from those, but he is risking losing her as well.
At one point I was yelling "You need to tell her, don't be a flake and not do it, you are gonna regret it" That's when you know I am emotionally invested in the story. LOL Very enjoyable from beginning to end!


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