RELEASE BLITZ: Ellyn & the Would-Be Gigalo by Pru Warren


A funny, sexy romantic adventure that proves the adage:
A good scoundrel is hard to find.

Ellyn & the Would-Be Gigalo by Pru Warren is now live!
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A funny, sexy romantic adventure that proves the adage: A good scoundrel is hard to find. And even harder to keep! Ellyn is in a “cousin contest.” Her aunt will give away five million to her favorite niece, and she’ll choose the winner on a luxurious cruise to paradise. Ellyn thinks she’ll do whatever it takes to win—including bringing a scoundrel on board to romance Aunt Cor.

Artie’s life as a con man has had its ups and downs—but now he’s hit rock bottom. Then Ellyn meets the former “Phoebus Apollon” (from DASH & THE MOONGLOW MYSTIC) and offers him a lifeline. Now Artie has to make a choice. He could marry Aunt Cor for her fortune and become “Uncle Artie.” Or forget the money and win the treasure he never knew he wanted—Ellyn’s heart.

A cruise ship rhumba contest, wealthy-lady shopping expeditions in exotic ports of call, cousins and competitors and one glum-faced maid: With all that going on, how do you stack the deck (nautical humor, get it?) to get what you want?

Note: You don't have to read The Ampersand Series in order, but it's fun if you do, since each successive book features a secondary character who becomes the hero or heroine of the next.

About the Author:

Pru Warren (who is writing this in the third person as if simply too modest to toot her own horn) bores easily and thus has been a daydreamer since roughly the Bronze Age. She is addicted to writing because in a novel, you can make things come out the RIGHT way. Life and karma really ought to take note; there are BETTER SOLUTIONS to these pesky daily annoyances!Beside her in-the-laptop God Complex, Pru laughs often and easily, loathes cooking, and plays way too much solitaire. She’s plotting world domination even as you read this, as long as she doesn’t have to wake up too early to accomplish it.


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What a fabulous story. We met Artie in Dash & The Moonglow Mystic story and we know that can run any size "con" he wants. Ellyn is working on a plan to win her aunt's favor over her cousins and Artie is the right man for the job. Of course Artie is a charmer, and he wraps Aunt Cor around his pinky easily, too bad Ellyn isn't immune to his charms as they plotted and planned. In true Pru Warren fashion, the story is "over the top" fun and who doesn't like intrigue over the high seas? The cast of characters are great, the situations work and you can't help but fall in love with all of the players. There are some surprise twists but an epic HEA in the end.


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