Cover Reveal ~ Keeley's Fight by KL Donn

 Keeley’s Fight (Book 1 in The Protector’s Series) by KL Donn
Coming August 2015
Cover Design: Tammie Smith
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Heartache and betrayal are two things Keeley Stone is very familiar with. Born into a life she never wanted, betrayed by her own parents, she never saw a way out. Until one day, two men who know nothing of her or her life step up and protect her when she’s in need of a savior. Loyalty and respect are not just something earned for brothers Nathaniel and Tyler Maxwell, but a code they live by. A chance encounter with a gorgeous young woman has left them enthralled with her. Can they convince her they’re worth fighting for? Or will she let demons of her past control her future?
 Note: This is a stand alone HEA M/F/M contemporary romance novel. There is no touching for titillation between brothers.

 Short Excerpt:
Seeing Ty reach for the camera he smiled knowing what he was doing. Nate was surprised though when Ty lifted his other hand to wrap around Keeley’s throat at the base of her neck right under his. At her gasp, they started to pound into her furiously while simultaneously squeezing her just a little bit. Making it so she felt her pleasure more intensely, so she was aware of every pleasure point through out her entire body. Nate relished in the trust she gave them, knowing she wouldn’t allow them to do it unless she loved and trusted them completely. When she raised her hands up to put one of each on their wrists, she squeezed them right before her body let loose in what he could only describe as complete surrender to their control.

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