Cover Reveal ~ Legacy by Sonya Ray

Cover Reveal 
Sonya Ray

The time has come for Elizabeth Lancaster to begin standing on her own two feet, and seeing with her true eyes. The Ancients have enforced the Plan by taking away her father, Brett Lancaster, and Cain Atchley, her husband and soul mate — the two people who helped shelter Lizzie from the mysterious phenomena woven into her perfect world. She is no longer shielded from the shadows that have become as much a part of her life as breathing.


But her days of being lost are over. Lizzie knows she has to find her way through this uncertain new world that has emerged from the darkness and engulfed her. Lizzie knows she is different, and the only one who can find her own answers — now more than ever.


She has a legacy to build.


A legacy to teach.


And a promise to keep.


Lizzie finds herself conflicted and tormented as she is forced to deal with the last piece of the puzzle, so that the legacy of The Three Crowns can begin. 


Rob Jacobs

Instagram: sonya.l.ray


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